Istanbul Ticaret University is a city university rising above the historical and cultural texture of Istanbul, defined as the cradle of civilizations. Besides academic and scientific research, cultural and social activities are of great importance at our university. In this context, seminars, panels, conferences and symposiums, scientific discussions and various exhibitions and concerts, theatre performances and dance activities are organized at our university. Students have the opportunity to express and develop themselves at conferences, panels, interviews and artistic activities within the framework of club events. In the area of our university’s social life, there are tennis courts, basketball fields and swimming pools to color our students’ daily lives at Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facility of our founder’s foundation. Our students are also welcomed at the cafeterias and restaurants of Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facilities.

In addition to spring festivals, graduation balls, picnics, trips, etc. organized within our university, our students also take part in inter-university festivals, tournaments and contests in cultural, sporting and artistic fields within the scope of club activities. Our university clubs achieve important successes by organizing tournaments, contests, and festivals in Turkey.

Sports and Medical Facilities

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Istanbul Ticaret University offers the current sports facilities to enable students and the personnel to perform activities to improve their physical and mental development for a healthy life. Besides this, Istanbul Ticaret University supports sports teams by employing professional coaches and trainers in order to produce outstanding performance in trainings and contests. ICU encourages sportsmen to behave in accordance with the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship at national and international contests.

In  health centers situated on our Sutluce and Kucukyali campuses, there is an emergency room, polyclinic, Psychological and medical consultations, medical dressing, treatment, examination and laboratory services are available to our students and staff free of charge. A full-time doctor, nurses, and two specialist psychologists are employed at our health centers. Health services are available until 17:30. The first dose of medicine is given to patients and the medicines required for continuation of the treatment are prescribed. All biochemical tests, complete blood counts, urine analysis, and treatment not requiring hospital care are carried out in our biochemical laboratory. In cases requiring hospital care, the patient is transferred to the nearest fully equipped hospital after first aid has been given.


This center has been developed to help students know themselves better, realize problems, and improve their skills in overcoming problems by providing a variety of support services, which include individual and group counselling and training, conferences, and seminars. Confidentiality, voluntarism, trust, cooperation, acceptance, the autonomy of the individual and subjectivity of dialogs are among the unit’s principles.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center in Istanbul Ticaret University offers its service to all students and staff members of the university from 8.30 am to 17.30 am every week day.  Your  information  or  discussions during the sessions will not be shared without your consent. This rule of privacy will not be violated unless you indicate that you are planning on harming either yourself or somebody else in which case we are obliged to contact those who might be involved in the situation and/or a specialist.

Learning Facilities

Our two libraries situated on Sütlüce and Küçükyalı campuses are information centers open for students, instructors and graduate students of other educational institutions and academics use by Istanbul Ticaret University. Our libraries comprise in excess of 55,000 books and 140,000 additional e-books, an extensive collection of non-book materials including CD-ROMs, video and audio cassettes, and access to more than 25 different databases.

The publications in the library are in Turkish and English and their contents support the university’s academic policies and scientific research.

On Sütlüce Campus, a 3,360-square-meter, fully equipped library serves our students. This library has:

• A capacity of 124,200 books

• A night reading hall (95 square meters)

• 15 private working desks

• Media-tech archive and monitoring room

• Book discussion hall (66 people)

• A capacity of 256 lockers

• 4 group workshop halls

• A lounge for 42 people

Our libraries work on an open shelf system and the LC (Library of Congress) Classification System is used to classify resources. All library services, such as counseling, scanning publications, using available databases, lending books, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) are offered to readers at the library. All information resources available in the library are transferred to computers via “Yordam Library Automation Software” and technical services such as loaning, extended loan, reserving, supplying, ordering, label printing and reader services are managed with the program.

Apart from periodical Turkish publications, we have subscribed to several databases to enable access to foreign-language periodical scientific publications in the electronic medium. In addition to periodical scientific publications, users are supported in their self-development through subscriptions to periodical culture and arts publications.

Istanbul Ticaret University never hesitates to invest in developing and improving its data processing infrastructure. Data processing services offered to our students, not limited to those included in the list, include the following:

Internet: Our University provides service with two 60 MB and 15 MB Internet connected. These connections are operated on a reserve basis, so no interruption is expected to occur.

Mail and Web domain: E-mail addresses are created automatically for each student on the day of their enrollment and web domains are provided for students per their request.

Wireless Internet: Wireless internet is available in all areas of our campuses.

Student Automation: Our students can regularly check their grades through an automated system.

Network: It is possible to access information through fiber optic connections linking the campuses.

Labs: There are 18 computer labs for course and Internet use.

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